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Founder Desk

The personality and character of a business enterprise are shaped in its formative years. The image that gets imprinted in this period stays with the enterprise in some form or the other, right through its existence. This is especially true of the Neesarg group.

There were certain fundamental qualities about the group that had become obvious by the time of Mr Vajirbhai Banglawala,(Father of Yasin Bhai Banglawala) who was the president of Saw Mill Association in Gujarat for more than 15 years and run timber business for almost 45 years. The most prominent of these were a passion for unconventional business ideas, an inclination to pursue innovative business methods and a steadfast adherence to business ethics.

After Mr Vajirbhai passed away his visionary son Mr Yasin Banglawala took over the charge of his family business. An extreme innovator and believer in game-changing businesses of the future, Yasin Bhai is known for challenging conventional wisdom and spotting opportunities quickly.